The great men of history agree on this one thing: beard oil is the key to a distinguished look

The great men of history agree on this one thing: beard oil is the key to a distinguished look

Many of the world's strongest leaders have sported a beard throughout history. While apparent differences existed throughout the various generations, one thing has remained the same: Great men wear beards. And great beards require great care. 

Persia 525 BC 

Cyrus the Great prepares before a long journey toward the Greek city-states. Revolutionary ideas of empire, victory, and legacy occupy his mind. It is the dawn of modern history, and a leader with a bold wooly beard leads the way. 

Rome 135 AD 

Amongst the construction of the greatest temples the world has ever seen, an emperor unlike any before is at the Roman helm. Hadrian wears a beard, and Romans, for a hundred years, would imitate his likeness. He differentiates himself from leaders past by practicing Ovid’s grooming habits: Hadian plucks and shapes his bewhiskered face, curating the image of victory. 

England 880 AD  

Legions of Vikings terrorize the British Isles. Finally, a man of great stature and distinguished facial hair rises to defeat the looming threat. Alfred the Great maintains his beard through beard balm and trimming while simultaneously establishing a monarchy that still exists today. 

America 1863 AD

One man cleans up the morning before delivering one of the great speeches in humanity’s long history. He shaves his mustache, plucks the outlying hairs, and massages a simple beard oil into his face. Abraham Lincoln’s legacy of greatness would become synonymous with his eminent grooming. 


Great men wear beards. Great beards require care. 

Not every man can grow a beard, but those who can practice beard care to retain a venerated image. Beards, through the ages, have been symbolic of a man’s masculinity, manhood, and, more than anything, his wisdom. However, the absence of a grooming practice can turn a man’s most significant asset into an unkempt mess. 

How does he avoid this? Beard Oils and Balms are a historical solution to messy and shaggy beards.

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