The word out there is, "Sir Beard brings back the lost pride."

Sir Beard - Respect the Beard.

Who's behind Sir Beard?

We often get asked: who's behind all the Sir Beard magic? Ryan & Molly.

This dynamic duo is lovers of all things beards. Just like the brand, they're patriotic, cheerful, and funny. And they firmly believe the quality of ingredients matters when it comes to having the best beard.

Ryan was born in Texas. And is a proud husband and father of two thriving adults.

Molly is a beard-loving lady and Sir Beard's co-owner-in-crime and marketing genius (Ryan's words, not Molly's). 

What started as a passion project and some fun Instagram reels became a premium beard grooming brand.

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The history of beards runs deep. In prehistoric times, men kept beards for many reasons, including warmth, protection, and intimidation. Vikings took arduous care of their beards as they represented a level of noble masculinity and respect.

Influential men in ancient Egypt would show great pride in their beards by dying them and winding them with gold thread. And Otto the Great even swore by his beard anytime he had something significant to say.

Sir Beard Is Born

While modern men may need less beard protection from blows to the face than prehistoric ones, beards continue to play an essential role in the life of men. 

We founded Sir Beard to show our appreciation for the often forgotten history of beards and to remember all their glorious levels of status, power, and masculinity from yesterday and today. We also wanted to develop a meticulously crafted, Texas-based brand of small-batch beard oils and balms made of nothing but the finest ingredients.

Great beards deserve great respect. And legendary beards use Sir Beard. 

Sir Beard

Never look scruffy & unkept. Gentlemen, make the switch.

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