Beard oil intimidation? Or intimidation of the bearded man?

Beard oil intimidation? Or intimidation of the bearded man?

We've all been there. You look in the mirror and see a wild mane of facial hair staring back at you that looks like it belongs on a grizzly bear or, better yet, a Viking. You're not sure how this whole beard thing happened, but you often feel like you want to shave it off as you need to figure out if:

  1. Your woman still appreciates it
  2. If you appreciate strangers continuing to take second looks at the brush (you know those looks)
  3. You feel like beard intimidation exists.

If you shave it off, though, nothing will be left on your face besides an awkward patch of skin (or possibly a weird chin you inherited) once hidden by that wild mane. In a recent interview with Sir Beard, we chatted about why men wear beards. He said he never knew he could grow a beard, until he did. He also has a heavy cleft under his chin, so his beard helped him remove his “butt chin.”

Sir Beard confirmed that if you have a beard, the reality is that some people are likely intimidated by the fact you have one. Beards are a big trend and brotherhood among bearded men is a real thing. Sir Beard used to struggle with talking to people, but now with his beard in tow, he feels more confident and vocal in his thoughts. He says things he’d never thought he’d say! People who knew Sir Beard during his clean-shaven younger years may disagree with conversation struggles mentioned above but you’ll have to trust us on this one. His beard flooded and opened up the confidence gates like never before. Sir Beard says, “I’ve never ran into a stranger who had a beard.”

Beards are also a sign of masculinity. So when someone sees another man with facial hair, they automatically assume he's confident in himself and his appearance because he doesn't care what other people think. This is why many men choose to grow out their facial hair instead of shaving it off every day, like the majority of modern men do. Beards also give men an air of enigma and make them stand out from the crowd. This is the main reason Sir Beard keeps his. He loves a good mystery – and smart-sounding vocabulary. In addition, beards carry many great benefits, like having fewer razor burns on the face, providing extra warmth on a cold night, or giving the ladies a little something extra to tug on.

Beards are often seen as a sign of strength and dominance, as studies have shown that men with beards are perceived by others in a very different way than those without them. Facial hair can make someone appear larger and more powerful, giving off an aura of strength, authority, and assertiveness. A beard can also signal to others that the person is not afraid to take risks or stand up for themselves, which shows confidence and is another attractive quality. Have you ever seen a Viking lose a fight to a clean-shaven dude? Be honest.

Beards have been associated with masculinity throughout history, particularly in cultures where strong leadership was highly valued. This could explain why some people find facial hair intimidating – as it implies the person wearing it has power and influence over those around them. Sir Beard often mistakenly tries to wield this beard power on his wife. (He quickly realizes she has much more power, rapid-fire comebacks, and wit than him.) In some cases, beards may even be seen as a sign of wisdom or gravitas. Another great Sir Beard vocab choice. Additionally, men with beards are often seen as more mature and experienced than their clean-shaven counterparts. Sir Beard strongly believes his maturity has increased, even though he occasionally finds himself crying to a sad love song from time to time.

A 2016 study found that bearded men were rated significantly more aggressive and intimidating than those without facial hair. There's science for you! Beards often make jaws appear more prominent and the face longer. This can give the impression of strength and power, which can intimidate others. In addition, a 2012 study found that photographs of bearded men were rated significantly more intimidating than non-bearded men. Intuitively, this makes sense. Sir Beard is looking forward to trying out this bearded vs. non-bearded photograph test with strangers and friends soon.

The ladies may also play a part in the beard intimidation. Let's face it: women love bearded men. Have you checked out Sir Beard’s Instagram lately? Women associate beards with masculinity, virility, and power. In addition, a man's beard can make him seem more confident in his skin and appearance. Women also find facial hair attractive because it can make them feel safe. Research from 2014 looked at how women perceive men with beards. They found that women rated bearded men more attractive than those without facial hair. However, the same study also found that women were less likely to approach a bearded man than one without facial hair. This could indicate that women find beards intimidating or off-putting in some way. As Sir Beard says, “It’s not likely a bearded fella will be rocking Vineyard Vines, penny loafers, or those Got Game, aka double G Gucci, belts.”

It's not just women giving beards high marks, though, as studies have also shown that men view bearded men as more masculine. For example, a 2013 study asked men and women to rate photographs of a man with varying levels of facial growth. The longer the hair, the more masculine the rating. So there's something about a beard that makes people take notice! Sir Beard appreciates his beard even more given he lost the hair on his head back in his early twenties (thanks genetics!). The beard luckily gives him something to prove that he doesn’t suffer from Congenital Hypotrichosis…go Google that one! 

All this beard power and intimidation sounds amazing, but according to a 2019 OnePoll survey, one in five men would give up sex for a year for the perfect beard. Thankfully, Sir Bread has the perfect beard. Phew! And on top of that, the average male respondent from the same survey only ranked their beard happiness as a 6 out of 10. So, quite a few bearded men aren't 100% satisfied with their brush. So, while bearded may be better, bearded men also appear to be their toughest beard critics – and could use a bit of extra confidence in their beard. For those giving themselves a 6 out of 10, make sure you take a close look at the ingredients of the beard products you’re using. Lower quality ingredients like sunflower oil or corn oil can sneak in. Beards don’t normally love those – but you can sometimes find them certain beard products. The better the ingredients, though, the better the beard.

For all those intimidated by beards, it is time for a change. Time for confidence. To be clear: being confident does not mean you have to walk around with a huge ego or brag about yourself all the time. Instead, it means you are comfortable in your own skin and know who you are. This can help you overcome any obstacles along the way – even ones like beard intimidation. Sir Beard was fortunate to be born with a big beard…and a big, big…bag of confidence.

The best way to overcome any fear is to confront it head-on. If you're feeling intimidated by someone with a beard, try talking to them and getting to know them better before passing judgment based on their appearance alone. You might find out that they're actually quite charming and down-to-earth, just like Sir Beard.

Finally, Sir Beard has never met a bearded man who didn’t appreciate a beard compliment or two. And if you are lucky enough to see him in public, beard or no beard, be sure to say hello. Or give him a shout on Instagram.



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